Monday, January 16, 2012

♥ Bogs

This is the love story, between a girl and her Bogs...

Once, when in a barefoot pinch
a daughter donned her mother's boots
and found each task she did a cinch
and at day's end ached not her foots.

The daughter's father could not bear
to hear the girl praise mother's boots-
 to town went he to buy a pair
to place upon the daughter's foots.

Soon returned he with a box so large
within it lay two paisley boots,
and when the daughter put them on
deeply in love feel her two foots.

Inseparable they then became,
 --her feet were ever shod
in insulated, weather-proofed,
blue, shock-absorbing Bogs.

They trekked with her through grit and mud
and mountains high with snow,
for where 'er the girl adventured
her Bogs were sure to go.

Folks near and far would marvel
"nice boots!", they'd cry, "Oh, my!"
And with a smile she'd thank them,
and add, "No animal did die!"

For the girl was tender-hearted,
from her head down to her feet.
And not for style nor comfort
would she make dead cow or sheep.

The bogs did warm her to her sole
and tickle the girl pink.
For never would she find a boot
so suitable, she did think.

Each day the girl marched onward
ne'er worried about her foots
for'er they lie tucked deep inside
those clunky, kind, Bog boots.

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  1. Me thinks that you should send this blog to cooperate at BOGS Inc. Who knows what could become of it...a urban tale of fashion so humble that it stinks.