Monday, January 23, 2012

The Filigree- Interview and Giveaway!

As if I needed another reason to love Etsy... A few months ago, while shopping for some fantastical prints to decorate my new apartment, I found The Filigree. I fell in love with the beauty and style of just about everything in this shop. I ended up with these two beauties-

These are the kinds of images I get lost in-- looking at them is like reading a great story! (You can order yours too, by going here and here). In my ordering process, I exchanged a few emails with Celena, half of the creative team behind The Filigree. We got talking and she and her husband Martin agreed to an online interview- a first for Dreams & Happy Things

Martin Øbakke, a native of Denmark (home of the Little Mermaid), met Celena Cavala, ballerina and Nashville native in Florence, Italy- last century. They started making Fairy Tales and haven't stopped since. In their work, you'll find elements of old world Europe to Southern Gothic charm. Martin does the illustrating and sculptures while Celena sews and writes the world they live in, in their Nonsense News, the Filigree. They currently live on a small town square outside Nashville in an old Victorian loft, where all of their works are created and sent off to admirers from around the world. 

They're inspired by the Invisible world and Imagination and the points in between that they refer to as 'the Filigree'; thin gossamer strands that connect everything...                   

D&HT:  Thanks for being the first interview on this blog! I am such a fan of what you both create--your work is amazing and interesting! How do you come up with the things you write about, paint, sculpt...?
C&M: By working together throughout a day-- we'll chit chat and these ideas will form. It's enormously satisfying to chase an inspiration and see it materialize.

D&HT: If you were not creating the world of Filigree,  what do you see yourself doing?

Celena: I was a classically trained ballet dancer so I would probably be teaching and perhaps choreographing.

Martin: I would probably be involved in some furniture design/construction.

D&HT: Describe your "dream" day... what, for you, is the perfect day?
C&M: We love our lives so basically everyday is exactly what we want to do~  love interacting with customers online, finish projects, create more art and pack things to be shipped out all over the world and ideally, do some yoga and always eat well.

D&HT: Ok... At a beautiful garden luncheon, who are the other 4 sitting at your table?

C&M: Hmm, difficult question! Joyce Carol Oates, (an enthralling and very prolific american author) & Oscar Wilde,  Edgar Allen Poe, & Sherlock Holmes.

D&HT: Where is your Happy place?
C&M: Not a particular material place as rather a quiet room in our mind where we Imagine.

The Giveaway!!!

Not only is this Dreams & Happy Things first interview, but the lovely duo at The Filigree has agreed to a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a trio of prizes- Mermaid cards, a Mermaid paper doll, and an issue of The Filigree Newspaper featuring articles about all sorts of goings on in the invisible world, including a headline about our favorite underwater hybrids- It's truly a Mermaid Extravaganza!!!   

I am already jealous of the winner...!

How to enter:

First, make sure you are a follower of Dreams & Happy Things, so that you can comment on this post. Think of every comment to this post as a raffle ticket. At the end of the week, I will put each comment into a 'hat' and pull out a winner at random. You can have lots of chances to win- its as easy as 1,2,3 (4,5)! 

1. Go to The Filigree and browse around. Come back here and tell us about one thing that caught your eye. (anything from the Gallery, Shops, Studio Journal, etc...)

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Remember to leave your email address or some way of contacting you if you are the lucky winner! (Or else, check back on Saturday,  Jan. 28th to see the winner announced)

Good Luck!


  1. petunia_peabody@yahoo.comJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    The Filigree has so many great things! I loved the Mermaid leggings-- and the Dragon and Deer sculpture-- basically, I want one of everything!

  2. Petunia_peabody@yahoo.comJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    Liked The Filigree on Facebook

  3. petunia_peabody@yahoo.comJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    Liked Dreams and Happy Things on Facebook, too. But no Twitter account... Hope I win!!!

  4. I am a liker of all things dreamy and happy! Of course, I also like The Filigree on Facebook. I mean, what's not to like, boys and girls - Fairys, Arctic Fox dolls, Large House Dragon is totally my friend, and I am a huge fan of the (as I call it) "steampunk-mermaid-watching-over-mystery-ship" print. I'd love to hear the story of that one! Cheers to the artists of The Filigree.

  5. I LOVE The Filigree...and mermaids are awesome! The mermaid cards are magical and so is this framed mermaid print: Gorgeous! So of course, I followed The Filigree and Dreams & Happy Things on FB and Twitter. What a fantastic giveaway! Happy Tuesday and good luck to all!

  6. Hi Celena and Martin , i don't have twitter and can't spend a lot of timeinf ront of the screen because of my back ( i suffer ) anyway your art has been a sort of door , opened to the magic and did always bring me smile especially the two men who are doing " patinage artistique " , i simply love you both



  7. I already like The Filigree on Facebook...actually I love them! :)

  8. Liked Dreams on FB...and following on Twitter... :) Whew!

  9. I just found this link on The Filigree's FB timeline, so I do indeed follow them on FB! Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. You have a wonderful blog! So happy I found it. I am now a follower.

  11. I adore The Filigree's work and have a bundle of their magical fairy tale papers. I'd love to add any one of these prints to my collection.

  12. I am following your blog on twitter and following the The Filigree, too (@faerymoongodess)

  13. I also liked your blog page on FB. Thank you again for offering such a lovely gift - this was a great interview!

  14. I love The Filligree! My favorite things are the dragons, they're faces are so expressive. I am already a fan of thiers on FB, which is how I found your blog. :) I will find you on FB and be back!

  15. I liked you on FB and shared the link. :)

  16. I love the Filigree Teacup Fairies and was lucky enough to get one before Christmas :)

  17. Hmm, I think I like everything mermaid. It reminds me of a happy time and the HCA statue of the most famous mermaid in Copenhagen's beautiful harbor.

    1. What a cool post!! Liked (loved) The Filigree on Facebook and, of course, I already like (love) DAHT! No Twitter but if I had one I'd tweet, tweet, tweet-a, tweet about this! I particularly loved the Whales and Water Balloons picture on The Filigree and sent Martin and Celena an inquiry about it. Thanks to DATH for introducing me to this special site!

    2. Shared on Facebook too! Oooohhhh, I hope I win!!

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