Thursday, January 12, 2012

The ones that got left behind...

Linus watches as Matthew opens a Norwegian beer with a Norwegian beer opener and puts it into a Norwegian beer mug.  Its a Juløg from Mack Brewery in Tromsø- the northern most brewery in the world.

I wonder around my hood

Linus shows off his newly cleaned teeth!

Matthew plays in Amhurst, Massachusetts

The Homestead of Emily Dickenson

Morning dew in spiders webs in reedy grass in the petrified forest in Napa California

boy smells girl

We see deer. Deer see us. Lake Mendocino

Bee on herb

Greta pulls, I float

Bud and bloom in my Uncle Pat's flower garden

Pre-show treat at the Castro Theater sing-a-long of the Little Mermaid

Putting together the Knight Bus

OB enjoys the bed all to himself.

This is how Matt watches the game at home...


  1. Such cute pics! I love the one of your man & the cats! <3

  2. It is so awesome that Sherpa and I are Lakers fans, OB is a clippers fan, and Linus loves the Chicago Bulls - and we can all sit together, watch games and just enjoy! We put our competitive nature aside, and although we still argue over calls, we can have a few beers, some Ahi Tuna, and treats and really just enjoy our "guy time", you know?