Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Burns Supper

Saturday evening Matt and I hosted our second annual Burns Supper, and it was a damn guid time. In classic fashion, we failed to take many photos- too busy talking and eating and reading and all... But here are a few to share the essence of the evening!

Good people.

Good drinks.

Good food (although, we did not get a picture of the main course- which was vegetarian haggis*, tatties & neeps)

and plenty of Burns!

And the morning after, Alex made us a delicious breakfast of pan-fried haggis leftovers, topped with fresh tomatoes and an egg, sunny-side-up. 

(* I might post my recipe for vegetarian haggis, as I made up my own this year and it turned out better than I expected)

OK, I did post it. Here it is- my version of vegetarian haggis.

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  1. So cool! Please do post that veggie Haggis recipe. I'm beyond intrigued!