Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boots: Kick cruelty to the curb!

Just about everyone loves a good boot.  And these days, it seems like anything goes. Those slouchy 80s boots are wildly popular.  Flat-souled biker boots abound. Kicky ankle boots suitably sutstitute for pumps at fancy affiars. And well, classic cowboys boots never go out of style (or is that just my fettish?).

But for those of us who don't buy leather, boot shopping is a challenge that usually ends with disappointment. Well, perhaps that is no longer the case. I zipped around online and found that there are several new cruelty-free shops- and they've got loads of boots! And not just the unisex sensible hiking boot of the 1990s. These vegan beauties (or booties) run the gamut!

These are just a sampling of my favorites. The selection is really very extensive. Some are way less expensive than their leather counterparts, and others are far more expensive.From fancy-schmancy styles to everyday tramping around, there is a perfect vegan boot for every occasion. So- with all these fabulously fashionable options, can we please let this pretty girl keep her own skin?!

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