Saturday, February 5, 2011

Matzo Ball Soup

My boy is sick. He's got himself a cold. And, of course, a cold needs soup.  A while back I was sick and posted on this very blog that I needed some Thai soup to ease the pain - to which my loving husband responded that I should go walk to the Thai restraunt and get myself some! Lucky for Matty, I am so much nicer than that.

I saw him sniffling and coughing last night and decided to whip up some matzo ball soup.  Which, for you who may be unfamiliar is really like chicken noodle soup with 'bready' balls  made from matzo meal in it.  But, being vegetarian, my matzo ball soup is a little that I exclude the chicken. I make sure to add extra carrots, celery, parsley and a few whole wheat noodles to a rich vegetable broth. And what my soup lacks in poultry it makes up for with balls.  Lots and lots of balls.

The soup, paired with a steaming cup of Theraflu, a saline nasal rinse and some night time decongestants, seemed to help him a bit.  He's still sniffling, but I have a feeling he'll be all better for tomorrow's Super Bowl.

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  1. Aaawww. That is so sweet. Thank you so much, my darling, for taking care of me the way you do. There is no one like you on Earth, and I am such a lucky boy (especially when I am sick) to have you to make me soups and other food stuffs to make me better.