Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things to Look Forward to in March

1. Measure L is on the ballot (Go Public Libraries!)
2. Weekend in San Diego (for reals!)
3. Edwardian Ball
4. Saint Pawtrick's Day (shelter animal adoption extravaganza!)
5. Dinner and drinks out with B-day girl & the gang
6. Night in Lake Arrowhead with Matty, S & R
7. Sing-along night
8. Finish road scarf (finally!)
9. Run/walk my first 5K
10. Double date with K & J
11. Mexican dinner date night wit my boy
12. Barrister's Ball (possible but probably not)
13. Girl's happy hour with S & A
14. Shopping for a new digital camera
15. Burke Williams spa day
16. Patton Oswald comedy benefit for the Library
17. Hair cuts for me and Matt

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