Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rolling French Market Baskets


I am loving these rolling baskets. They are so pretty and old-world but still so functional. They don't come cheap, but if you consistently use them I bet they are an investment that pays off. I try to walk to complete as many errands as possible, and I sometimes bring a cart when I go to the farmer's market... so it would be silly of me not to buy one of these beautiful baskets, right? OK, I am trying to justify spending a couple hundred dollars on something I don't really need. Instead of going into basket debt (which I'm sure does not fall into the category of "good" debt), I'll just have these on my happy blog. But I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a bargain basket!

If wicker isn't your thing, go for a more industrial look with an aged metal basket.  They are equally pretty and chic! But they are hard to come by, so if you want one, plan on spending a bit of time scouring ebay, etsy and other resale sites. I found a beauty, but hesitated on buying it because the price was a little out of my range, and it was bought by some other lucky shopper.

This one was just sold on Etsy...we missed out ;(


  1. Very nice, but please... DO NOT buy one of these baskets. I repeat - DO NOT BUY BASKET!!!

    Yours truely,
    OB, Sherpa, Linus

  2. These are lovely, very stylish and practical!

  3. Gee...that above comment is interesting...what are they poisonous? LOL
    I love those and if you ever find an affordable one...pass it on...uh, that would be MUCH LESS THAN $325...holy frenchman!!
    Blessings, Lorraine
    PS. I'm a new follower....come visit me!

    1. Ha! The first comment was written by my hubby in disguise. He didn't like the hefty price tag on some of those baskets! And I stopped by your site- so charming!

  4. Don't give up hope, I found one of these in an antique store for $45.00. I think I am going to paint it and make a liner for it.