Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things to Look Forward to in Februrary

In no particular order...

1. Leaning how to knit the seed stitch
2. The new Justified season starts on FX
3. Finishing a 25 page synopsis of my story
4. My friend Becca's b-day & my friend Lilly's b-day
5. Building the Burrow movie? And blog post?
6. Campus Virtual tour
7. Spending Valentine's Day in Malibu with my favorite guy
8. Getting Healthier
9. The Witches of Oz
10. Possibly seeing a friend I haven't seen since October
11. Queen Mary Scottish Festival
12. Sleeping on new sheets (with my sweet kitty boys, of course)
13. Finishing and gifting my Mom's scarf
14. Happy Hour with Sue
15. Reading the Incredible Lightness of Being for class
16. Visiting San Diego (maybe)
17. Matt's February song
18. Donating another batch of stuff to the Goodwill and decluttering our space


  1. Nice list of goals! Based on a couple of them, I suspect you & I live fairly near each other. By the way, seed stitch is easy-peasy; if you can do rib stitch, you can do seed stitch :-)

  2. I like it - except the "maybe" next to visiting San Diego!! How can I get that to "definite" status?