Friday, February 4, 2011

Macrame Owls

I think they deserve a come back...

My parents used to have a macrame owl hanging in the living room, as any good 1970s household should. He was put away (or given away, or thrown away) somewhere in the mid-80s, so my recollections of him are fuzzy. I remember being a bit fascinated with him- the intracacy of his knots, the long amber beads that made up his eyes, the way the his claws clutched a wooden branch. I used to grab his tail and twist it so that the whole owl, anchored by the branch, flipped up perpendicular with the wall- sometimes I would leave him like that, because it looked to me like that's how an owl would prefer to sit.  Other times I'd flop him all the way over so his beaded eyes hit the wall, back side forward, like he was in time out. Oh, we'd kid each other like that all the time! And on the rare occasion that I ventured into the living room after going to bed for the night, he would scare me with his stillness and his mad expression.  Quite a complicated relationship, really...

I searched online to find a picture of an owl similar to the one my parents had in the house, but it could not be found. Maybe, it's because I don't really remember it acurately. Childhood memeroies are notoriously skewed! Or maybe, he really was one of a kind, and he can't be found in a google image search because my folks haven't posted his picture online.  I might try to dig through some old family albums next time I visit the homestead to see if he shows up in any backgrounds, as now my curiosity is peaked!

The picture above it the closest I could find to what I remember. It's from a great blog called the Nearsighted Owl that has quite a few posts on owls- handcrafted owls, kitchy owls, vintage owls- as well as lots of other fun stuff to check out.

And in my search, I also found this that there's a whole site dedicated to the Macrame Owl...Who knew?

So I have a feeling that Macrame owls are making a come back. Why, just last December I spotted one living in my friend Aimee's cabin in Tahoe. Why shouldn't there be one living in every house? Especially houses with kids- why deny the little ones from having their own owl friend to mess with and be frightened by? I'm 31 years old, and I still cherish every moment I spent with mine.  ;)

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