Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canoeing Miss Mama

Let me start this post by declaring that I am not a good canoer (canoeist?). That said, there are people out there that are far worse with a paddle... one of them is my mother. That didn't stop us from taking a canoe out, alone on the marshes outside of Tule Lake, and it didn't stop it from being a blast! 

First, this little guy let us know we had arrived at the right place, because we really were out in the middle of nowhere!

We unlocked the boat and pushed it out into the marsh

Happy to have on our awesome Bogs (future post in the works just about how great these boots are!)

and away we went!

Still happy working as a team!

Occasionally getting stuck in the reeds because someone insisted on paddling the opposite way...

My mother lost her paddling privileges indefinitely when she splashed a great green gob of goop all over my arm and leg.

She happily relaxed and enjoyed the ride- with her paddle retired, she got to be in charge of photos! So far, so good ;)

hmmmm. I guess I see what she's going for- a photo with neat angles.

I guess she wanted to show that the sun was indeed shining!

...and that the sky was blue! Man, I remember when we actually had to get film developed looking through rolls of shots like these!

There's a good shot! I am bird watching-

I saw these guys, 2 beautiful American Pelicans

but they were busy and didn't want to hang around with us too long-

so we headed back,

and I only got us stuck in the reeds once more,

and once I hauled the boat to shore, I helped out the mama.

Who kept saying things like, "that was so much fun!" and "why are you so sweaty?"

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