Friday, August 5, 2011

I got onto Pottermore!

After a few frustrating attempts, yesterday I got to see the Pottermore Day 5 clue!

Once I answered the question, I was directed to the Scholastic webpage where I found the MAGIC QUILL!

I got to the registration page...

And then I waited, with bated breath... was my name written with the magic quill? Of COURSE IT WAS! There I am, right above Harry Potter!

So exciting! But then I had the impossibly difficult task- choosing my magic name... 

How do I pick? I call Matt and he helps me. He picks the one I am leaning towards...

I follow their advice and check my email regularly- expecting to have to wait for days, possibly- but in just a few minutes:

 My registration is confirmed and completed! Now I await my owl (er... email) that tells me that I can actually explore the world of POTTERMORE! 

Love that there is more Potter!

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