Friday, August 5, 2011

Lone Star Maters

'Bout a month ago, I spent a few days in Dallas, Texas. It was a nice enough city- had pretty parks and interesting museums, but not a place I'd like to call home. To be fair, it was quite hot and my business there was not strictly for pleasure, so I am sure I didn't take in the whole picture. That said, there was something about Dallas I found totally out-of-this-world great--- tomatoes! 

We went to the year-round farmer's market and stand after stand was loaded with the biggest, brightest produce, peanuts, pickles and juices, and everyone offered generous sampling. It was pretty darn fun (I mean, where else can you get a grape-soda flavored pickle?) but all laughs stopped when I sampled a slice of them there maters.

Oh! It was like no other tomato I've eaten in years. Juicy, tangy and sweet, not too seedy. It was a party for the senses! I yelled for my mom to come try them, and together we ranted and raved about them even more. The vendor leaned over the top of the stand and said, "You know what else? They're for sale too!" in a sassy way that only a lady born and raised in the Lone Star state could pull off. We contemplated buying a few, but really had no way to transport, prepare or enjoy them. We were heading out of town that same day... we left, mater-less.

But we'll always have that sample- the sliver of tomato that, for me, defines a state- Bold and sweet, with a little kick.

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