Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm older than I've ever been... *

Perhaps all of my adoring fans have noticed that I have been MIA for a week or so. It has been a week of unhappy things- one after another! BUT, I did have a birthday in there somewhere (worst one yet!). So this is when my little bloggy has to work overtime, to get me back on the happy track and remind me of all the good things! My birthday present to myself is a mini stroll down memory lane, remembering some of the happy highlights of the last 12 months and while I might be another year older, by the looks of my favorite things, I am really not aging a bit!

I play with legos
I make snowmen
I like cookie monster cupcakes
I read kids books, like Dr. Seussfairy tales and Harry Potter
I laugh at words like 'poop'
I don't know the names of any wild flowers
I still hang out lots with my mom
I get read a bedtime story every night before bed
I get really excited about train rides and other train rides.
I do arts & crafts at the public library
I made a friend in Flat Stanley
I can't get enough of ticklish penguins
I am frightened by some flowers
I make up silly stories
I miss my Care Bear
I want to flop with my boys all day long
I love to play with my best guy

* Thanks to Jason for introducing me to TMBG 20 plus years ago. They have been a source of happy ever since, although this particular song, not so much!

 I leave you all with this:

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