Friday, August 19, 2011 my neighborhood

Matt and I have moved to a part of Los Angeles called West Adams. It is a historic area full of beautiful homes. Years ago it was a most splendid and affluent area of the city. Then, it fell onto some hard times- large homes were neglected or split into several units, and the neighborhood got a bit... rough. In the last decade or so, the area has received some TLC. Now it is a great mix of glamor and grit. People of all cultures and class call this neighborhood home, and many residents seem to work together to make their home a nice place to live.

Matt and I are just happy to be part of an actual community! It has been a while since we lived anywhere with a neighborhood feeling to it. We are getting to know the people around us and discovering the treasures that West Adams/University Park has to offer.

So here's the first post of *hopefully* many about the cool things in my new Happy hood.

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