Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank You for Being a Friend!

I am a huge fan of The Golden Girls. What's not to love? The show is funny and touching with just the right amount of sass! Besides, I am related to an even bigger GG fan, so a love of girl talk and cheese cake is in my DNA.

I've seen every episode multiple times, besides rewatching repeats I didn't think there was any other venue for a fan like me- until I heard of Golden Girls Live.  

Four of San Francisco's best and brightest performers put together a couple of shows a year, with minimal stage decor and maximum wit. The actors truly tap into their inner Rose, Blanche, Dorothy & Sofia and it's obvious they are all big fans of the show as well. In fact, everyone there was a super fan of the show- and the place was packed! 

Did I mention all the actors are men? Four lovely drag queens who, I believe, regularly perform at the Trannyshack. They are all great, but two are amazing comedians. The wonderfully talented Heklina delivers a perfect Dorothy, dry wit and full of heart, and Matthew Martin steals every scene as sexy Blanche, perfectly walking the line between slutty and sweet. Pollo del Mar plays Rose, a little over-the-top, but fitting for this situation. And Cookie Dough is endearing as everyone's favorite 'Ma', Sophia. Each one of the foursome have solo shows and other projects around the city and have huge individual fan followings, but together they are the girls.

The whole show had great Happy energy. The crowd was thrilled to be there and you could tell the performers were having fun. I was lucky to have been there, and I hope to go again for the next show! In fact, I would "travel down the road and back again..." to get there!

Curtain call, Christmas Eve, 2010

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