Monday, August 8, 2011

Where food rules the land!

Carl Warner's mother must have let him play with his food as a kid! How else would he get to be this amazing at staging and photographing these elaborate foodscapes?! That's right, these are all photos- not drawings, not paintings, not graphic art- entirely made up of everyday foods. And they are AMAZING! 

Each one carries with it the drama and beauty of regular landscape photography, maybe even more so, and, again... it's food! I love it! I love photography, I love food and I love the sense of fun and fantasy that Carl Warner expresses in his work. Look at these here, the ones that caught my fancy most (click on the images to see larger versions, it's worth it to see the incredible detail) and then check out his website to see more foodscapes and his other wonderful photos.

bon appetit!

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