Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things to look forward to in August

OK, I am seriously behind! The month is almost half over, but I will still make my monthly happy list.

1. Being completely moved into our new place!
2. Planting some shade loving flowers
3. Shakespeare in the park
4. Raider of the Lost Arc in the park
5. Food trucks in the park
6. Possible tour of the LA River- Go Urban Rangers!
7. 'Housewarming' lunch party
8. Dreams & Happy Things turns 1 year old
9. New passport
10. New couch
11. Going to Hartford (Never been to Ct. before!)
12. Reading while in my claw foot bath tub with my new caddy/book holder.
13. Cowboys & Aliens? Other big screen hits-
14. Renting A Little Princess
15. Reuniting with a former student of mine. He got tall!
16. Doing loads of laundry in my own washer and dryer
17. Buying tamales from the tamale lady
18. Baking (and eating) gingerbread
19. Canning strawberry jam with some gal pals (if its not too late)
20. Getting our car back (positive thinking!)
21. Checking out books from the library all about Norway, and Viking romances!
22. Getting the illustrated Hans Christian Anderson book and fair isle sweaters I ordered online.
23. Parent's 40th wedding anniversary!
24. Jotting down my newest story idea before I forget it...

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