Sunday, December 11, 2011

But I have...

Last week, in a post called Never have I ever... I posted a list of 50 random things I have never done. Someone suggested to me that I share the opposite- 50 random things that I have done at some time in my life.  In the first post, I tried not to edit at all, and just post the first 50 things that popped into my head, whether they be things I wish I had done, or things I am happy to not include in my life's history. For this post, I had to have a different approach since my mind kept going straight to the most serious or intimate moments of my life! But I finally came up with this list. Some of it's embarrassing, some of it's flattering and it's all stuff that I would be comfortable disclosing on a first date (except maybe the last one:). I have...

Bottle fed a newborn kitten

Enjoyed a progressive dinner

Knitted a scarf

Experienced deja vu

Killed nearly every plant I've ever had

Had a really bad perm

Prepared a whole Thanksgiving feast

Sang karaoke

Read the Lord of the Rings

Blown on a pair of dice at a craps table

Gone parasailing

Eaten an entire roll of HIT cookies

Lived in another country

Made a thriving terrarium

Been mistaken for a celebrity

Caught a snowflake on my tongue

Helped plan a surprise party

Set a class curve

Graduated from law school

Fell flat on my face on a crowded Hollywood Boulevard

Swam in the caribbean along side sea turtles

Worked with kids

Ran through an airport to catch a flight

Rubbed a pig's belly

Drank aquavit in Norway, mezcal in Mexico, port in Portugal & ouzo in Greece

Lived with a male roommate

Watched TV for a whole day

Blown a tire in a taxi and gotten in an accident in a taxi

Ordered the free Hoveround DVD

Rowed a boat in Central Park

Won a pageant

Seen a convocation of bald eagles

Worn a wig

Been published

Felt afraid of the dark

Had a pen pal

Studied Latin

Walked the Bay to Breakers

Shot a bow and arrow

Failed my first driving test

Danced at a céilidh

Missed a great opportunity

Sat in the bucket of a front loader

Recited from memory the Canterbury Tales Prologue in Old English

Been thrown off a horse

Sun bathed on a nude beach

Hosted a Burns Supper

Prayed at midnight mass

Gotten totally lost within 5 blocks of my home

Sat between my girl friend and David Hasselhoff at a Madonna concert

Visited the Charles Schulz Museum

Married my best friend

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