Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magical beasts from the world of Harry Potter

One of the best things about the world JK Rowling created in the Harry Potter series is the vast variety of magical creatures. I love how she blended real-life animals with fantastical beasts from mythology and of her own creation. The result is a fictional fauna that is both complex and exciting... The series would not have been the same without these notable creatures.

1. The Phoenix

2. Doxies

3. Grindylows

 4. Abraxus

5. Flesh-eating Slugs

6. The garden gnome

7. Thestrals

8. Acromantulas

9. Blast-ended Skrewt

10. Owls

11. The Hippogriff

12. Merpeople

13. Cornish Pixies

14. Pigmy Puffs

15. Unicorn

16. Bowtruckle

17. Dragons

18. Cats

19. Rats

20. Basilisk

21. Warewolf

Which ones did I miss? 


  1. Love the images! Would the Boggart count as a creature? And how would you picture yours? :-)

  2. Not bad, not bad...

    But, let's not forget our flora brethren:

    Whomping Willow, Mandrake...

    And how, by the grace of Dumbledore, can you forget to include the Goblins? GOBLINS, I SAY!!!

  3. that is my picture of the bowtruckle!! I sent it in to a contest on mugglenet once, that's too funny. Well I'm happy it's here, I had it saved on my computer, but it crashed and I no longer have it.