Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halloween at Disneyland

Uh oh. This post got lost in the shuffle and it sits, completely... completed in draft form, just waiting for it's day in the limelight. Asking me, "why didn't you hit 'publish' way back in October?" Is it too late to share a very happy day from a couple of months ago? Are we to firmly set in Christmas season to have a Halloween-themed post? Could I try to pass it off as a holiday mash-up, a la A Nightmare Before Christmas?

Well, I am going to post it regardless of the answers to these important questions. And maybe, you can step into your time machine and get back into the Halloween spirit...


I don't agree that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but its pretty darn Happy. And, I think it might be the place that has the best decorations. And Halloween is no exception! I got to experience the park for their annual Halloween party-- the whole day was filled with jack-o-lanterns, costumes, villainous fireworks, and all kinds of ghoulish! And, The Haunted Mansion was the star of the show!

While all of the decorations were jaw-dropping impressive in a way that only Disney can do, my favorite festive touch was the Bradbury Halloween Tree. It was spooky and silly and shimmering with orange lights. So amazing! (Read a little more about it and it's association with Ray Bradbury, here)

And if all that wasn't enough... we got to go trick-or-treating! I mean, c'mon! Even if you do celebrate Halloween as an adult, and don your best costume, where on earth can you go trick-or-treating?! That is universally a young person's game. But not at Disneyland. Disneyland doesn't discriminate based on age.  Disneyland is a place that encourages us to embrace the excitement and wonder we felt as kids, especially during the holidays! AND we got so much candy- in fact, it's all still in my house. And like the wicked witch in Snow White, it beckons me to take a bite...


To any readers: Thanks for making the dreams of this little Halloween post come true. You made it forget its former abuse and neglect and truly enjoy it's 15 minutes of fame ;) 

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