Friday, December 23, 2011

A little gesture with big heart-

I got a package in the mail today, which, as you all probably know, is the best feeling in the world. Who is it from? What could it be? Ah! So exciting!

This particular package was extra special, because of it's random kindness. The contents of this package were amazing... but it was the person who sent it and the reason for sending it that really tugged at my heart.

Inside several layers of protective packaging was a beautiful, delicately hand-painted Christmas ornament painstakingly made by an old friend. I teared up when I saw it because I knew it was a gift from the heart- and those are the best gifts ever!

You know, these days, Facebook and other online forums (ahem, like blogs) get a lot of criticism for being a substitute for actual human contact, as well as for bringing us back together with people of seriously insignificant relationships from our pasts. But I have been fortunate enough to have the opposite happen for me. Through Facebook, I casually reconnected with Sarah, a friend of mine from high school (or earlier, really). We were not the tightest friends back then, but we ran in the same circles, lived close enough to each other (for the country ;) and always had a great time together when we'd hang out. Sarah would have been a person that I would have lost touch with had it not been for Facebook. But, since I'm able to read her posts, see her pictures and share with her my own goings on, I've realized that we have a lot in common. And I've learned that this once awesome girl has... unsurprisingly... grown into an awesome woman who I am lucky to call my friend!

And thanks to Facebook, I got to connect with her in person when I visited her adopted hometown across the country. And thanks to Facebook, Sarah gets the latest and greatest from this very blog, and she has been one of Dreams & Happy Things best supporters! So, in this case, the internet has turned what would have been a lost friendship into something much better.

So, Sarah-

Thank you so very much for the beautiful, thoughtful, heart-felt gift. I am blown away by your sweetness... and talent! It is proudly hanging on a most prominent branch, and will forever adorn my future Christmas trees. Whenever I see it, I will think of you, and how important it is to stay connected to people with whom I just seem to 'click'. And I'll pay your kindness forward by sending something unexpected to someone special in addition to paying it back ... so keep an eye out for your mail man ;)

And on a related note... this ornament is so beautiful, I'd love to share how you made it. If you'd like to create a 'DIY' tutorial to post on this blog, please let me know!