Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy 10

Dreams & Happy Things wants to know what makes you happy! 

I find that sharing the things that make me happy actually makes me... happier!  Which got me to thinking, I should ask if others want to share their happiest things in a guest post! So here goes: I formally invite you, any and all of  you, near or far, to share with the world of Dreams & Happy Things the top ten things that make you happy.

It's pretty darn simple.  Just write a list of 10 things that make you happy. They can be as simple as "a nap" or as complex as a personal memory told out with all the juicy details. Add pictures, if you'd like (or allow me to add a picture or two if fitting) and email it to 


The fine print:

1. Each happy thing has to be a positive, ie, no "I am happy that the neo-Nazi leader in Riverside was shot and killed by his son" (true story)-Not that any of you would go there, I just thought I'd make it extra clear that Dreams and Happy Things is a total utopia of safe, happy, silly, kooky, whimsical, homey, fun stuff... even though Happy can come to us outside of that. (But you can get weird! If small men in corduroy vests do it for you-- and you're willing to share, please feel free!)

2. No meat/animal stuff. Yes, a hamburger or your favorite leather jacket might make you happy, but D&HT don't go there either. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

3. Feel free to pass this on to others who might want to participate!

4. If you'd like to include a short bio or a link to any of your own pages (blog, twitter, etc) just add it to the email.

5. There's no limit to how long or short it has to be and no deadline as to when you have to send them to me. I'll post them as I get them!

The point is to share your happy with others. Maybe we've got happy in common. Or maybe we can steal ideas from each other on how to get more happy. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you soon!


  1. All these rules don't make me very happy. Too restricting and even a little hypocritical - you can't list burgers, but booze is fine? Booze, which contributes directly to tens of thousands of deaths every year, not to mention the impact it has on domestic abuse. That's D&HT approved? Sure, it's your blog, but I think everyone would be better served in the future if these "share" posts didn't impose such limiting guidelines.

  2. Sorry, anonymous. I don't mean to upset you or anyone else. But this is my blog- something that I take time from my schedule to do- so I'm going to stick with the rules that make me happy. You make a good point though, so I welcome you to participate and write a list that does not include booze!

  3. Seeing the moon during the day

  4. Hello from NZ! I was looking for stuff to cheer me up and came across your blog....THANKYOU SO MUCH!! I hope you don't mind but I got a bit inspired and I've started my own 'Happy blog' I think it would be healthy for me to go over it every month, adding to it throughout the month - just taking note of things that give that 'happy' feeling. I used to keep a diary of happy thoughts but being a visual person, I can see this being a lot more fun - good reason to run round with a camera, if you know what I mean. Anyway I had this wee idea....offshooting of your own really - its just making links to the other 'Happy blogs' plus I'm going to be encouraging my friends to make their own too (passing on the 'Happy' as it were). I've called the list the Circle of Happy....what do you think?

  5. Hi Polli!

    I am glad you found my humble happy blog. It has totally been a great way for me to stay positive and remind myself (and any readers) there's lots to be happy about! I love your idea about the Circle of Happy and would love to participate in any way- we can link to each other, for starters. And I invite you to guest post here if you'd like. You can make a Happy 10 list and I'll post it with a link to your new blog ;)

    If you want to ever email me directly, you can reach me at dreamsandhappythings [at] yahoo [dot] com.


    PS- I just checked out your blog and you're off to a wonderful start! Your home and family look amazing, and very happy ;) And thank you for mentioning Dreams and Happy Things too!

    PPS- NZ is on my list!