Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Santa Barbara & the White Jasmine Inn

I am spoiled. And graduating has made me realize just how much. I've got flowers, gifts, cards, and so many good wishes! And this weekend, Matty whisked me away to Santa Barbara for a beautiful and relaxing celebration for the two of us. It was so lovely! I forget how picturesque our neighbor to the North is! We stayed at a wonderfully quaint bed and breakfast called the White Jasmine Inn, that had a flower garden that just don't quit! 

After our train ride (yep, we took the Surfrider there and the Starlight Express back) we enjoyed all that Santa Barbara had to offer.

Like the sea birds!

And the pier - only in california would they have to post this sign :)

And the fields by the beach were covered by these busy fellas!

We walked around an art fair (I got a photograph of a frog for my wall of whimsy)

And checked out the beachiness of it all...

This is where we stayed. and I am warning you, there are a LOT of pictures of the flowers!

While we were waiting to check in, Matt had to play with all the antiques in the sitting room!

Our room was called the hideaway- quaint, private and with a wonderful whirlpool tub!

Excuse us...

The gardens were full of fun, weathered items-

and we loved it.

we ventured into downtown, and Matt had to play with all the statues. Did I mention Matt is very playful?!  :)

We wandered into the James Joyce Irish pub, because I liked the name-

and we were treated to the best Irish folk band! Dannstair.

We had dinner and went back to our hideaway and took the most bubbly bubble bath in the world. Seriously, the bubbles were at least 2 feet thick. The jets really make quite a lather! (The pictures of that are not blog material ;) Then we enjoyed a bottle of wine next to the fireplace in our room!

The next morning, we had a great breakfast (future blog post!). The White Jasmine Inn brings you a basket to your room, we decided to enjoy ours in the garden with the bids. 

And I couldn't stop taking pictures of the flower garden-

I made friends with a bee!

We ventured back into town, and checked out this lovely theater-

And did a little shopping- I liked these owl candles!

nifty thrift shop.

I bought this needlepoint pillow, Matt thought it was very Granny-ish.

We rented a surrey and took a ride all along the coastal path (another future post), and checked out  the bird refuge (and another future post!), before heading to the harbor -

I played with this ship's wheel and got bird poop on my hand.

Matt and I decided that out of all the boats in the harbor, we would want this one!

We walked along the beach.  I saw a crab claw. I hoped that the crab grew another.

I made Matt pose with this whale. He didn't really want to. I told him I was going to post it here and he wasn't really thrilled. 

He was alright posing for this one, but I didn't tell him I was going to post it. I couldn't resist... this picture has it all: muscles, maps, pelican, bike & beach- how much more Californian can you get?!

We started to rethink which boat we said we wanted...

And then we headed back to la la land on the train. What a wonderful weekend trip away! Thanks darlin'! You are an awesome whisker awayer!


  1. What beautiful pictures, so bright and sunny! It looks like you had a spectacular time. Loved the pic of no stilletos on the beach! :-)

  2. We did have a great time. Thanks for checking out the post!