Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. A time set aside for tea, brunch, cards and flowers--all for the lady who brought you into this world. And unlike what a lot of people say, it was not created by Hallmark to boost sales.  Here's a little summary of the long history behind this day. It's a nice tradition, although I admit that it's been a while since I have spent this day with my mom. Whoever scheduled Mother's Day obviously did not consider end of semester final exams!

I am posting this one a little early because I have included a few menus and Mother's Day ideas you might incorporate- for those of you lucky enough to be with your mamas on Sunday. 

Maybe cook up something from this delicious vegetarian and vegan menu from my old employer, Vegetarian Times-- I want to try those asparagus scones and the corn and pepper frittatas!

 And I want to try these vegan banana pancakes and tofu benedict with hollandaise sauce from VegWeb!

"But", you're thinking to yourself, "I am not vegan or vegetarian, and neither is my Mama! Why would I treat her to these delicious meat-free meals when we could be eating pieces of dead animals?" 

Alright, maybe you're not thinking that, but stay with me while I stand on my soapbox for one second.  Mother's give life- we grow inside their bodies! That's awesome and crazy. Then, a big chunk of their lives are devoted to us. We are nurtured and cradled, cleaned and fed, taught right from wrong. What a wonderful gift! And... here it is... it is a pretty universal thing with mothers. Pig mamas do the same. And so do cow mamas.  Bear mamas, chicken mamas, deer mamas, whale mamas, elephant mamas, sheep mamas, owl mamas, monkey mamas... are just a few. Just a few of the mamas that love their babies like our mamas love us. And whose babies love them like we love our mamas...  What a wonderful way to celebrate all the moms, by making a fantastic feast for yours that didn't hurt anyone else's!!! 

(Here's great article by Erica Meier on the topic- much more eloquent than I could write it: Vegan Mother's Day.)

Look at the LOVE!
Say "aaaw", not "yum!"

Alright, I'm done. Thanks for listening to my rant. I hope it touched you deep, deep, in your heart. And I hope everyone-- all the mamas!-- have a wonderful weekend and a most lovely Mother's Day. Here's a few shots of my favorite mama to end on-

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

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