Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Beautiful Bonsai

Last Friday I came home to find a large box waiting for me on my doorstep. I brought it inside and saw that it was addresses to me, but the return address was unfamiliar... Excited, I opened it up to find it chock full of packing peanuts. "What on earth is hidden inside this sea of styrofoam?" I wondered. I carefully pulled handfuls of them out of the box (and tossed them on the floor for the kitties to play with- which proved to be a huge mess to clean up later!). Finally, I saw a sprig covered with cute, plump leaves. A plant! But the more I uncovered, the more I realized this was no ordinary plant... it was a beautiful bonsai! A dwarf jade tree. So sweet, ,so pretty, so perfectly shaped like a big tree!

But there was no card attached to the plant! Who sent me such a thoughtful and unique gift? I turned back to the box and saw that something was taped to its top. The card! It's words were as sweet and uplifting as this bonsai, and at the end, it was signed from Frank. Awww, Frank. I was so surprised it was from you, and then again, I wasn't.  Frank is that thoughtful guy who would do something just this awesome.

So thank you, Frank! Right now, my jade tree is out on the balcony getting a little sun. And it is so happy there and I am so happy to have it there! You  have to come down to visit us both soon... and Matty too :-)

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