Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soapbox Derby

Los Angeles is pretty different than most cities, in that the downtown area is not really the main heart of the city. On many Saturdays, downtown is something of a ghost town. The offices are closed which takes away 90% of the hustle and bustle. Lots of shops and cafes don't bother staying open. Sure, there are a few busy pockets here and there- like the public library (still very popular, so don't take away it's money!). And come nightfall, the hot restaurants and the best bars are terribly crowded. My point? You never see very many people hanging out for a day in downtown. Except last Saturday, when hundreds of thousands of people did just that.

Grand and 5th streets became the course for the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. Contestants built there fastest, most decorated soapbox cars and raced them down Bunker Hill. The even was energetic, loud, and a bit crazy, but lots of fun. I checked it out alone, since Matt had to go to work and I was a little overwhelmed. I mean, how to short people maneuver crowds at all? I am almost 6 feet tall and I felt like it would swallow me up! Regardless, once I found a good viewing point, I was thrilled and amazed to see what people will ride down a hill! Some of the cars were darling, and some a little bit raunchy. Most everyone involved dressed up in some amazing costume. I think next year I'll have to arrive early and stake out a good spot next to the railing so I can see better-- or maybe I'll have to try my hand at building and racing my own soapbox. Yes! I already have a theme in mind :)

Photos are from KROQ- my photos were pretty terrible, considering I was about 15 people deep from the action... next year I'll have to sweet talk my way onto the media platform!

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