Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washi tape booklets at the Public Library

As if I needed another reason to love the downtown public library... a couple of days ago I stumbled in to check out a few new books on container gardening (future post, for sure!) and there was a free arts and crafts/ DIY project going on in the rotunda. The project included washi tape, which I had never head about but now that I have, tape will never be the same. I mean it, using this fun, colorful Japanese masking tape will forever change your relationship with all things binding. Why on earth hasn't tape been this pretty all along?! Leave it to the Japanese to find new ways to add beauty to function!

The task at hand was to make a little notebook, with cut up scrap paper in the inside of a cardstock cover. They had people showing us how to get started, loads of books for inspiration, and roll after roll of beautiful washi tape in all kinds of colors and patterns. I just went for it willy-nilly and ended up with a pretty random design that used all of my favorite tapes.  Some people planned out a design first and ended up with really beautiful (and tidy) booklets. 

Check out the LAPL downtown bookshop if you want more info on the free arts and crafts demos, and look at this site if you want more ideas about what to make with washi! 

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