Friday, April 22, 2011


Last night, we went and saw Emmylou Harris at the El Rey. It was so good. That woman, my goodness... I think she must be part angel. Her voice is hauntingly sweet! The set up for this concert was pretty simple. Just her, dwarfed by the huge guitar she played, and two other fellas for accompaniment. The songs from her new album, Hard Bargain, were simple and heartfelt in that way that country-folk music does so well. 

I left feeling pretty darn good, but I did have one complaint. I would have loved to hear Emmylou harmonize with someone-- since she does it so well. Remember the sirens from "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Sure you do, we all do. 

But what the show lacked in harmony, it more than made up for when Ms. Harris told a story about the old dog that she got from the Metro (the dog pound). Then she told us about how she's got a whole slew of dogs now that she started rescue in her backyard in Nashville, called Bonaparte's Retreat. She followed up the story with a song about Bella, her big black dog.  I didn't record it to share with you all, but I found the following video online, it's of Emmylou telling the same story, and singing the same song. Listen to it-- If you're a dog lover, you'll find it 7 minutes well spent, and you'll be singing the tune in your head all day.

So, if I needed another reason to love Emmylou, she just gave me one.  ♥ 

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