Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joining the RoW 80 Writing Challenge

I'm doing my first writing challenge, directed by A Round of Writing in 80 Days. The basic idea is that all participants set themselves measurable writing-related goals and then check in twice a week to share how they are coming along. Since I get to make my own goals, for this first round I am setting the bar pretty low. I want to meet or exceed my own expectations (and I need to finish law school in the next 80 days... which is kind of time consuming). So here are my writing goals for the next 80 days:

1. Plot out the whole saga
    Sit down for an hour each weekend morning until I have finished. 

2. Finish my origin story
    After plotting is complete, use the weekend morning time to continue origin story. 
3. Write out a scene for review
     Already started this, I have 11 pages (woo-hoo!) New goal is to add 250 words a day      (about a page). Modest compared to what I've seen of others!

4. Spend the last month of the challenge editing what I have
    Two passes. 

This seems doable. If I stay on track, by the time this challenge is over, I will have edited versions of a completely plotted out adventure, a finished origin story and a 'chapter' to hand off to my professor (who has a successful series of adventure fiction under her belt) who has agreed to help tune my writing style. For me, that's a great start!

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  1. Welcome to the ROW80 Fold and good luck on your goals!