Saturday, April 2, 2011

Journeying through Middle Earth: The Fellowship of the Ring

Last night, Matt and I finished the first of The Lord of the Rings 'Trilogy'. We had a party, we inherited a Ring. We journeyed from the Shire across the Brandywine to Buckland. We met old Tom Bombadill and his wife, Goldberry, in the Old Forrest (and again when we were attacked in the Barrow Downs). We sang. We made it to the Prancing Pony in Bree (where we sang) and added Strider and Bill the Pony to our group.  We searched for signs from Gandalf on Weathertop and were attacked by Black Riders, twice, on either side of the Last Bridge. Injured, we crossed the Ford of Bruinen and rested in Rivendell.  We healed, we saw Bilbo, we got Gandalf back, we sang, and we found out the Strider is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. We discussed the heaviness of this burdensome quest, and then met the rest of our Fellowship. 

We left Rivendell as 9, and spent some nights fighting off Sauron's wolves. We tried to cross the Misty Mountains over the High Pass, but could not. We ventured to the Gates of Moria and sadly left Bill the Pony behind.  We waned through the dark mines, we saw the tomb of Balin, we fought a pack of orcs and then we lost our wisest leader to the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

We hurried through the Drimrill Dale and sought refuge in beautiful Lorien. We sang. We slept on flets and met the Elf Queen Galadriel. She gave us gifts. A month we stayed, and then left by elven boats, south on the Silverload to Anduin. She sang. We knew we were followed. We camped on the shores and stood watch. We traveled by night and were attacked by orcs who could not see us, we nearly went over the rapids and falls of Sarn Gebir and Rauros. We carried our boats over Emyn Muil. We had to decide if the Fellowship should split, some venturing on to Mordor or if we should all head to Minas Tirith. We were attacked my a member of the Fellowship. We saw the eye. We decided to go to Mordor alone. We were foiled by Sam. We two set out together, leaving the other 6 behind.

Where do we go next? 


  1. Glad to hear you've kept up with your singing ;-) It pains me, even now, to read of Gandolph's fateful descent. Didn't you wish you could stay in Lorien forever? Keep safe the gifts bestowed by Galadreiel. They will prove useful! Much challenge lies ahead. At times the heaviness of your quest will feel unbearable and forging ahead will seem impossible. You must! The fate of Middle Earth depends on you! Keep Sam close for he is a worthy companion. Remember Gandolph's wisdom when he told you that even the lowliest and most detestable creatures have a part to play. Stay strong and keep Sting at the ready! Good luck fellowship!!

    PS Isn't Aragorn handsome?!?!

  2. Sarah, I still love your comment! Truly, one of the best left on this blog :) And yes, I have a thing for Aragorn...