Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Stitches

It's been a while since I have posted about knitting... actually, it has been a while since I have completed a new knitting project (and it feels like cheating to share anything before it's finished). And now that my knitting circle has disbanded, I am left holding the needles all alone... nobody to encourage me, nobody to fix my slipped stitches, nobody to suggest the next stitch to learn. *picture one solitary tear rolling down my cheek as I write this-

But the row must go on! I don't wish to remain a beginning knitter forever, so I push forwards. A couple of instructive manuals and bookmarked YouTube tutorials guide me through new challenges. This, paired with my very low expectations that I will get any new stitch right on the first try, has left me pleasantly surprised. I can learn new stitches on my own! Sure, they come out looking crooked and inconsistent, but they also look a lot like what I was going for, and that makes me happy. In fact, the best feeling in knitting, other than having completed a project, is that moment that happens a dozen or so rows into a new stitch, when you stretch out your work and can clearly see the pattern emerging. Nice.

 Close ups: First attempts of my new stitches, in all their wonky glory.  
basketweave stitch

mesh stitch



Double seed stitch

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