Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gym Visualization Exercises

If it weren't for Matt, I would never...ever...go to the gym. I know this for fact. I like to exercise. And I don't mind the gym, I actually like it there, and I love the way I feel afterwards. But getting there? Ugh. And getting there early in the morning, when I could be tucked in my bed snuggling with Linus?? Hate it!

So Matt's been helping me wake it up and move it on out in the morning. But even with his coaxing and 'atta-girls' I still stumble into the gym all yawns and blurry-eyes. How on earth do you go from that to pumping iron and running laps? Usually I just suck it up and start slow until I get into it, wasting half of my workout dragging my feet. This morning, however, I told Matt that I needed something to ease my body into the whole gym scene. And he came up with the perfect solution... a visualization exercise.

I laid down on the floor mat and closed my eyes, as instructed.  So far, not staying off the sleepiness. I listened as Matt unfolded a beautiful scene in front of me. A scene tailored just for me. A scene so great that I would rather be picturing it than sleeping! I am a little embarrassed to share the details, because they reveal a little too much about what gets me going (not in a pervy way, just a "I'm-ready-to-get-moving" way). But I will say that by the end of the exercise, I was running and playing with a brown bear and a flock of blue birds in a meadow of wild flowers. Yes. I am a dork. And yes, my hubby will do just about anything for me ;)

The great thing was, it worked. By the time I was supposed to open my eyes, I was all ready to run and jump and get the heart pumping.  I will admit that I was sad to replace the scene in my head with gym equipment and morning exercisers, but soon I got over it and into my own workout.  Besides, I am sure I can visit again during my next a.m. workout.


  1. You two are so stinkin' cute!

  2. And for our next exercise, we will explore the vast hills and mountains surrounding your meadow, and the many critters that reside there.