Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urban Outfitters

I thought I was over Urban Outfitters. I thought I was too old for their mainstream hipster style-- too mature to shop with kids donning cigarette jeans and faux-hawks. But I was wrong. I recently realized that I still want to be outfitted, urbanly.

So what caused the attitude adjustment? A quick browse on their website. It was full of lovelies, and not a faux-hawk in sight (not that I have anything against them, really!). It's true, I no longer wish to wear made-to-look-vintage CareBear tees, but Urban Outfitters has a whole lot more than that. I could see myself in a couple of their 'one-of-a-kind' dresses, and my wardrobe is in need of one of their 'boyfriend cardigans'. But the clothing isn't where I went berzerk and decided to write this post/advertisement... I fell in love with loads of stuff in their 'apartment' department. (Gotta love a place that appeals to those of us who don't live in 'homes'.) The decor is funky and fun but not in a tweeny sort of way, and it pulls inspiration from some of my favorite styles: French county, industrial modern, world eclectic, boho, shabby chic, and a touch of Hollywood glam.

So, here's a lot of what I want for my apartment. I'm not actually shopping and buying this stuff, though, because even though I am so mature, I am still broker than a 15 year-old without an allowance.

Beautiful bedding!

Super seating!

other offbeat offerings


sweet side tables!

lavish lamps!

wonderful for windows

Rad rugs!

Wows for the walls 

Table top treasures

Everything above is from the Urban Outfitters website, which is (surprisingly)


  1. J'adore french country too! Ditto shabby chic! I think that owl tooth brush holder is something I might really need. Good finds!