Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gothic Flowers

I'm making the hero of my story venture through a spooky and beautiful garden. I had the whole thing imagined in my head, but when it came to writing it down, it all seemed to generic. In order to describe the scene properly, I needed to look at some of the strange flowers I saw in my mind's eye. This meant a trip to the Botanical Gardens or searching online. I choose the lazy route, with promises to myself that I will go to the garden once my semester is complete.

Below are my favorites-- the fruits of my laborious online search. They are all real plants with real names (which I realize now that I should have noted as I gathered the images- would have been good to share). I remember a few of them, the calla lilies, the dahlia, the fiddlehead fern, and one looks like an iris. I know for sure that the last image is the corpse flower (and since I don't have a great fondness for the aroma of rotting meat, it's the only one that I would leave out of my real gothic flower garden, once I plant one, that is). If you know the names of any others, I'd love it if you educated me! (Especially the 7th picture, I love those!) 

But even without knowing their names, I fell in love with their look. They are dark and twisty, spiky and swirly, droopy and fuzzy, fierce but also quite delicate. They helped clarify what I wanted to write and inspired me anew, for now, instead of passing through, I have created a reason for my hero to spend a bit more time amidst the gothic flowers-- and these blooms perfectly set the eerie tone with their spindly shapes, strange textures and lovely shades of purple, blue and burgundy. 


  1. Beautiful! The second to last one is borage - and FYI it's edible. Makes for an interesting salad!

  2. 1. Alienostrus
    2. Green Kurli-nadrus
    3. Purple Kurl-nadronus
    4. Phillobloom
    5. Ferocious Beetle-eater (or fiddlehead fern)
    6. Cala-lily
    7. Bella's Drooples
    8. Puple Parasol
    9. Spiney Piney
    10. Grecian Dark-Daroad
    11. Pricklepandas
    12. Vulvastruss
    13. Dragon's Fire
    14. Witch's Fingers (or borage)
    15. Corpse Flower (or Deathstinker)

  3. Lovely names, Matthew (and creative, too!) I might be able to remember plant names if they sounded more like the ones you come up with!

    And Marisa, I can't believe that flower is edible! It looks so tough and spikey! Have you eaten one?

    1. Many!!! Both the leaves and the blossoms are edible, and the blossoms really pick up a salad.